1st World Congress on Unified Theories in Budapest November 2006

Delegates from Creapreneur had the opportunity to attend the 1st World Congress on Unified Theories and meet with leading researchers in the new knowledges from several countries.  

It was The INSTITUTE for STRATEGIC RESEARCH in Budapest and its research groups in Metatheory, Theoretical Physics, Human and Artificial Intelligence that invited scientist and other exprets to participate in a four days Scientific conference and workshop.

The main subjects of the conference were

  1. Promising new approaches towards the Grand Unification in Physics
  2. Towards the Unification of Physics and Consciousness – topological consciousness theories and quantum psychology
  3. Unification of Philosophy – Metatheory, Metaphilosophy
  4. A New Understanding of Life – quantum biological theories and their utilisations

Opening speakers

, PhD and President of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation
Csaba VARGA, ass. Prof. and President of the Institute for Strategic Research

Main speakers

István DIENES, (Hungary)
Ede FRECSKA, MD PhD (Hungary)
Brian D. JOSEPHSON, Nobel laureate (GB)
Matti PITKÄNEN, PhD (Finland)
Csaba VARGA, ass. Prof. (Hungary)
Robert Anton WILSON, PhD (USA)
Edvard WITTEN, PhD (USA)
and other researchers from Croatia, Hungary, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and USA.